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Giới thiệu phương án thiết kế Trụ sở Amazon - công ty thương mại điện tử lớn nhất thế giới. Dự án này nằm tại thành phố Seattle, bang Washington, Hoa Kỳ.

Dự án có quy mô khoảng 306.580 m2 (3,3 triệu square feet) trên ba khối nhà, bao gồm ba cao ốc văn phòng 37 tầng, hai cao ốc văn phòng trung tầng và trung tâm hội nghị đa năng có sức chứa 2.000 người.

Tầng trệt có khu bán lẻ ở mỗi mặt tiền đường, lối đi dành cho người đi bộ và khu nghệ thuật công cộng; một công viên cho các chú chó, đường hai chiều trên Đại lộ Số 7 với các lối đi dành riêng cho người đi xe đạp ngay bên cạnh các sảnh chính,...

Tòa tháp cao tầng đầu tiên được đặt tên là Doppler đã hoàn thành vào năm 2015 với chiều cao 37 tầng.


Amazon in the Regrade

NBBJ is working with Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, to revitalize Seattle’s Denny Regrade neighborhood with the creation of new corporate office space, ground-level retail and public amenities.

The project encompasses approximately 3.3 million square feet on three city blocks, including three 37-story high-rise office towers, two mid-rise office buildings and a multi-purpose meeting center that seats 2,000 people. To reflect Amazon’s community-focused culture, the design seeks to build a neighborhood rather than a campus, with emphasis given to ground-level amenities open to the public and to diversity in building character.

For instance, ground-level retail on each street front, sheltered pedestrian arcades and public art create a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood in an urban area formerly dominated by surface parking lots. The design also includes a public dog park, two-way cycle track on 7th Avenue, with dedicated entrances for bicycle commuters immediately adjacent to the main lobbies, and tower curtain-wall systems that extend upward to screen the rooftop mechanical equipment.

The first high-rise, named Doppler, was completed in 2015. At 37 stories tall, it contains offices as well as ground-level retail and restaurants, and it also links to the five-story, arena-style multi-purpose meeting center, which will serve the entire headquarters.


The centerpiece of the new Amazon headquarters will be the spheres: a multi-story, glass-enclosed workplace containing tens of thousands of plants and trees from around the world. As exposure to nature is proven to put people at ease and help them think more creatively, the spheres are designed to help Amazon employees feel and work their best.

Currently under construction, the spheres occupy a prominent location at the center of the site, where employees can step away from their desks to think more collaboratively and more creatively while surrounded by nature.

Source: NBBJ
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