Mr Property 04/07/2017

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    Tổng diện tích của 3 lô đất hơn 11.115m2 đều thuộc Khu dân cư Cồn Tân Lập đã được UBND tỉnh Khánh Hòa chấp thuận chuyển nhượng cho Công ty Cổ phần Đầu tư VHR (có trụ sở tại quận 1, TP.HCM).

    UBND tỉnh Khánh Hòa đã chấp thuận cho chuyển nhượng một phần dự án Khu dân cư Cồn Tân Lập, phường Xương Huân, TP Nha Trang, tỉnh Khánh Hòa gồm các lô có ký hiệu HH1, HH2 và HH3 từ Công ty cổ phần Sông Đà Nha Trang (đại diện Liên danh: Công ty Cổ phần Sông Đà Nha Trang - Công ty cổ phần Sông Đà Thăng Long) cho Công ty Cổ phần Đầu tư VHR (có trụ sở tại quận 1, TP.HCM). Các lô đất này đều có chức năng là đất hỗ hợp, được phép xây dựng công trình cao tầng dịch vụ thương mại và chung cư. Cụ thể, lô HH1 có diện tích 3.318,7 m2; diện tích đất xây dựng 2.090,78 m2, mật độ xây dựng 63%, số tầng cao từ 3 đến 26 tầng (chưa bao gồm 02 tầng hầm). 

    Lô HH2 có diện tích là 3.514,8m2, được xây dựng công trình cao 3 đến 26 tầng chưa bao gồm 02 tầng hầm. Đây cũng là khu đất có chức năng hỗn hợp thương mại và nhà ở với mật độ xây dựng 64%. Lô đất HH3 có diện tích hơn 4.282m2 được xây dựng công trình hỗn hợp nhà ở - thương mại cao tối đa 33 tầng chưa bao gồm 2 tầng hầm, mật độ xây dựng từ 50% đến 70%. 

    Được biết, trước đó Công ty CP Sông Đà Nha Trang cũng đã chuyển nhượng một số ô đất tại dự án Cồn Tân Lập cho các nhà đầu tư khác. Như ô đất thương mại TM2 cho Doanh nghiệp tư nhân Xây dựng số 1 tỉnh Điện Biên để xây dựng Tổ hợp khách sạn - căn hộ cao cấp Mường Thanh Khánh Hòa. Năm 2017, công ty này tiếp tục chuyển nhượng khu đất thương mại dịch vụ TM1 cho Công ty TNHH HP Hospitality Nha Trang.
  • Lê Duy Anh Bảo

    Cái toà cao 40 tầng kia bây giờ đã trở thành Mường Thanh Khánh Hoà.

    Quản lý yếu kém + sử dụng vốn tràn lan + đứng trên đỉnh nên coi thường người khác, coi thường lời cảnh báo --> Sụp đổ là điều tất yếu! Cực kỳ tiếc cho dự án này. Mong CĐT nào có tâm vào cứu vớt! 

Le Dang Thu Ha 20/03/2018

CapitaLand Retail sẽ quản lý vận hành trung tâm thương mại tại tổ hợp 55 tầng giữa thủ đô Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Đây là thị trường thứ 7 của CapitaLand Retail sau Singapore, Trung Quốc, Malaysia, Nhật Bản, Ấn Độ và Việt Nam.

Tổ hợp The Peak nằm tại quận Chamkarmon, CBD của Phnom Penh, là một tổ hợp 55 tầng bao gồm tòa tháp văn phòng, khách sạn Shangri-La 300 phòng và hai tòa căn hộ hạng sang với 1,014 căn hộ. CapitaLand Retail quản lý vận hành khối đến 5 tầng thương mại với GFA khoảng 420,000 sq ft (39,000 m2). Dự án đang xây dựng và sẽ đưa vào hoạt động trong năm 2020.

CapitaLand to manage Oxley’s 420,000-sqft mall in Phnom Penh opening in 2020

CapitaLand, through its wholly owned shopping mall business CapitaLand Retail, has signed an agreement to manage a mall in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia – one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia. This will extend its expertise in operating shopping malls to a new market after Singapore, China, Malaysia, Japan, India and Vietnam. The mall is the retail component of The Peak, an upcoming highend integrated development majority owned by Singapore-based developer Oxley, in partnership with Cambodian company Worldbridge Land.

Mr Wilson Tan, CEO of CapitaLand Retail, said: “As the retail operating platform of the Group, CapitaLand Retail is focused on growing our premier retail operations into a global platform. Through management contracts, we can scale CapitaLand’s shopping mall network in an asset-light manner. With CapitaLand’s proven track record in running successful malls across Asia, we are well-placed to explore new growth opportunities by offering our professional expertise in retail management to property owners.”

Located in Chamkarmon District in central Phnom Penh, The Peak is a freehold 55-storey integrated development comprising an office tower, the country’s first Shangri-La Hotel with 300 guest rooms, and two luxury residential towers with 1,014 apartment units sitting atop a mall. CapitaLand will oversee asset planning, pre-opening and retail management for the five-storey mall with a Gross Floor Area (GFA) excluding car park of about 420,000 square feet (sq ft) and Net Lettable Area of about 260,000 sq ft. Currently under construction, the mall is expected to commence operations in 2020.

Mr Tan added: “Cambodia has in recent years attracted the interest of international retailers – including Singapore-based brands – who are keen to tap the country’s rising spending power and growing tourist arrivals. This has led to an increase in demand for well-located and well-designed retail spaces in the country. Given The Peak’s strategic location in central Phnom Penh and high-grade building specifications, it is well-positioned to meet the requirements of quality retailers seeking to serve the growing aspirations of the city’s community. CapitaLand will leverage our expertise in retail asset management and industryleading retailer network of about 17,000 leases to maximise the retail potential of The Peak.”

Mr Ching Chiat Kwong, Executive Chairman and CEO of Oxley Holdings Limited, said: “As a fast-growing developer with an expanding international portfolio, we seek partners with complementary skill sets that can support the smooth operations of our assets and enhance the profile of our development projects. CapitaLand has a strong reputation for retail management and is well-known for its extensive retailer network. With CapitaLand as our retail manager, we are confident of optimising returns for The Peak by focusing on our core business of developing and marketing the project. Given Oxley’s diversified global portfolio in countries including Singapore, United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Indonesia and Myanmar, we look forward to the possibility of deeper collaboration with CapitaLand in the future.”

Located along the river esplanade, The Peak overlooks the historic Mekong River and Phnom Penh’s bustling cityscape. Surrounded by high-end residential developments and key commercial and government buildings, The Peak’s immediate catchment area covers the prime residential and commercial districts of Chamkarmon and Diamond Island.

In Phnom Penh, CapitaLand also manages three serviced residences through its wholly owned serviced residence business unit, The Ascott Limited. They are CASA Meridian Residence, which is operational, and Somerset Norodom Phnom Penh and Somerset Meridian Square Phnom Penh opening this and next year respectively.

CapitaLand first announced its strategy of growing its retail footprint through management contracts in August 2016, to complement its core strategy of developing and managing its own malls. Including The Peak, CapitaLand has signed eight retail management contracts to date. The seven other management contracts are for six malls in China and one in Singapore.

Source: CapitaLand
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  • Kiva Dang

    The Bridge đây anh em.
  • David Vu

    Bạn post nhầm render rồi nhé. Render này là của dự án The Bridge 45 tầng của tập đoàn Oxley Singapore nằm ngay kế bên dự án The Peak. The Bridge thì đã xây xong rồi còn The Peak thì đang lên phần thân.

David Vu 06/10/2018

Which strategy for Vinfast to adopt in Vietnam auto marketplace?

We have seen a great debut of Vinfast at Paris Motor Show. Being a Vietnamese, we feel proud of that as Vietnam has joined the automobile arena of the world. Today we will talk about which can be possible strategy for Vinfast to compete with existing competitors and succeed in the marketplace.

1. Differentiation strategy
As per the debut at Paris on two Vinfast models which are Lux A2.0 and SA2.0, we think that cost leadership may not be a suitable strategy for Vinfast as the car model is using upmarket features with the sophisticated design of Pininfarina and top-notch engine of BMW. However, these two models may be produced only for a niche market with high end segment which I guess it will aim at business persons and high income purchasers. In this case, a focus differentiation strategy may be applied with these car models. That is great as the Vietnamese car brand also produces luxurious cars targeted at high net worth people. Nothing wrong with that. I do hope it also can be sold cross border to many countries around the world. The question is most Vietnamese people have low-medium income then how they can afford those car models? If so, I guess Vinfast will produce cheaper car models to target at this low-medium segment. Is it sensible?

2. Cost Leadership strategy
After these two high end models, I believe that Vinfast will produce cheaper models in mass production to target at a mass market segment and that will be the key objective to materialize the auto dream of Vietnamese people. If so, the question is will Vinfast keep the same Italian design and German engine? The answer may be no as it will be costly and inefficient for the company in terms of revenue margin and market penetration. Will Vinfast use Chevrolet engine as it has taken over Vietnam-based Chevrolet recently? If that is the case, the most suitable strategy for Vinfast in that case is to adopt a cost leadership strategy to be able to succeed in this segment. It will help Vinfast penetrate the market quickly and thereby increase market share with its manifestly agile processes. Using this strategy, at another side, it will yield a modest profit margin but augment the market share in an amazing way.

Now, let’s wait and see which strategy Vinfast will adopt to. Anyway, we do hope Vinfast will create breakthroughs for infant automotive industry of Vietnam to foster whole enginery industries for the country. Personally speaking, I do hope those Vinfast cars will be ubiquitous on all roads and streets in Vietnam.

David Vu

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  • David Vu

    Everyone, we are Vietnamese, and we need to use Vietnamese phones. I have used iPhones for a long time, but now I promise with myself that I will buy one Bphone. We must be proud as we have cars and phones produced by Vietnamese. If we support Vietnamese products, we will see other cooler products in the near future. It could be smart watches, smart shoes, smart glasses, smart drones, or even helicopters. Why not? When we are on the right track to develop industries, those products will definitely be materialized. I see something from Bkav, FPT, or Vingroup somehow similar to LG or Samsung from South Korea. And those corps need to be nurtured by Vietnamese people firstly to be bigger and bigger till they are big like Samsung or LG to be able to enter to the international arena. When you buy Vietnamese products, you will help the Vietnamese corps to be bigger. When they are bigger, Vietnamese will have more jobs to do and thereby reduce the unemployment rate. When unemployment rate get reduced, social maladies will reduce as well. Very good point right?
  • Kiva Dang

    I'm on the way to Vinfast factory :)

David Vu 01/10/2018

5 points showing that Landmark 81 Tower's height can be defeated soon.

1. The higher the better

The tower prima facie looks so high as most Vietnamese people have never seen such a super-tall tower in Vietnam. The height of 470 meters, however, is not so difficult to be defeated, especially in the era of mega projects fraught with super-tall towers. We will see coming projects in Asean soon, inter alia, such as Merdeka PNB118 Tower locating in KL with the height up to 644 meters, or Grand Rama IX Super Tower locating in BK with the height up to 615 meters. Next 5-10 years, it will be outdated as people will only talk about 500+ meter towers.

2. Nationalistic pride

The iconic super-tall tower is a symbol of nationalistic pride, sound development and prosperity of a city, and a country. Therefore, each city in the world desires to have such a symbolic tower to show off with neighbors, friends about its prosperity and flourishing development.

3. It even can be better

With regard to the construction scope, Landmark 81 Tower is not so big like some other towers in the world. The superstructure is great but not so difficult to be built a similar or even better one.

4. Big money

It's true as the big money can be turned to a super-tall tower easily. Nowadays, we can see a run among big corps or moguls not only for wealth creation, but also market shares, luxurious cars, super cars, and at the utmost, the possession of super-tall buildings. It does not only show off the business reputation but also the prosperity and success of these corps.

5. Powerful marketing

It goes without saying that possessing a big and tall building is a very powerful way to do marketing. It is far more powerful than any marketing strategies have been ever done before. It indicates the business power to deal with and win over business partners like customers, suppliers, and also competitors. The business who possesses such a building has its own implicit power in business deals or bidding contracts. However, doing marketing in such a way will be very costly for any business and it is a level playing field among big corps who foresee clearly what would happen next.

Which tower in Vietnam can defeat Landmark 81 tower's height next 5 years? Let's wait and see.

David Vu
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