Le Dang Thu Ha 26/12/2017

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Mitsubishi Corporation cooperates with Phuc Khang to develop Block C - Diamond Lotus Riverside project.

On Sunday, December 24, 2017, #Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) announced that it has reached an agreement on its participation in Diamond Lotus Riverside - a residential development project underway in Ho Chi Minh City. The project is being developed by #PhucKhang Investment and Construction Corporation, a real estate developer in Vietnam.

The project is located just 4 km southwest of the center of HCMC and is being developed by Phuc Khang. The complex boasts distinctive features, including all units having the highly popular river view as well as high-performance functions that are quite advanced in Vietnam such as energy-efficient and water-saving technology, greening and insulation, among others. The project is mainly targeting HCMC’s rapidly growing middle class.

Block C - #DiamondLotus Riverside has 22 stories above ground and 1 story below ground and gross floor area of 29,000 m2. The project will start selling in Jan 2018 and complete in December 2018.

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