David Vu 01/10/2018

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5 points showing that Landmark 81 Tower's height can be defeated soon.

1. The higher the better

The tower prima facie looks so high as most Vietnamese people have never seen such a super-tall tower in Vietnam. The height of 470 meters, however, is not so difficult to be defeated, especially in the era of mega projects fraught with super-tall towers. We will see coming projects in Asean soon, inter alia, such as Merdeka PNB118 Tower locating in KL with the height up to 644 meters, or Grand Rama IX Super Tower locating in BK with the height up to 615 meters. Next 5-10 years, it will be outdated as people will only talk about 500+ meter towers.

2. Nationalistic pride

The iconic super-tall tower is a symbol of nationalistic pride, sound development and prosperity of a city, and a country. Therefore, each city in the world desires to have such a symbolic tower to show off with neighbors, friends about its prosperity and flourishing development.

3. It even can be better

With regard to the construction scope, Landmark 81 Tower is not so big like some other towers in the world. The superstructure is great but not so difficult to be built a similar or even better one.

4. Big money

It's true as the big money can be turned to a super-tall tower easily. Nowadays, we can see a run among big corps or moguls not only for wealth creation, but also market shares, luxurious cars, super cars, and at the utmost, the possession of super-tall buildings. It does not only show off the business reputation but also the prosperity and success of these corps.

5. Powerful marketing

It goes without saying that possessing a big and tall building is a very powerful way to do marketing. It is far more powerful than any marketing strategies have been ever done before. It indicates the business power to deal with and win over business partners like customers, suppliers, and also competitors. The business who possesses such a building has its own implicit power in business deals or bidding contracts. However, doing marketing in such a way will be very costly for any business and it is a level playing field among big corps who foresee clearly what would happen next.

Which tower in Vietnam can defeat Landmark 81 tower's height next 5 years? Let's wait and see.

David Vu
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